There is much more going on in therapy than the exchange of words.

Investing in therapy for yourself can affect your life in powerful ways, and the therapeutic relationship that is formed by this work is often in itself a “reparative” relationship.  This is my primary goal as a therapist.

A reparative relationship is one that, purely by being in the therapy relationship, can heal the wounds of past relationships.  Very often it is something that isn’t talked about within the therapy sessions – it is something that emerges as a result of the work.

To the individual or couple, I strive to become someone who is safe, trustworthy, reliable and understanding of your feelings.  I hold no judgement or expectations of you other than seeing the potential in you (individual or couple) to heal. You may even start to compare our therapeutic relationship to other relationships.  For example:

  • For a person whose parents were quite erratic, the steadiness of the sessions, the structure of weekly meetings and the boundaries of the session times can become something that they learn to rely on, enjoy and trust.
  • For the person whose parents were strict, judgemental or demanding, the safety and non-judgemental relationship created in the therapeutic relationship can be felt as freeing, liberating and exciting.

It is within this private and transformative environment that your potential shifts toward a healthier, calmer, more balanced internal world, and the ripple effect of this shift is inevitably felt in your personal and professional relationships.

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