What we don’t repair, we are destined to repeat.

Oh, what a storm we find ourselves in with the ones we love. Conflict and distance is not what you imagined in the beginning.  If this is not your first committed relationship, perhaps you thought: “This new relationship will be different”,  yet over time find yourself experiencing some familiar negative patterns in a seemingly different choice of partner.

Couples therapy can help. In fact, I believe a crisis can be an excellent opportunity to deepen your connection. My approach is based in Allan Schore’s Right Brain Psychotherapy (AACAST), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Gottman couples therapy, all evidenced-based treatments, to help you develop a more secure, satisfying bond with your partner.

Relationship repair requires a willingness (from all parties) to look at one’s own role in the relationship dynamic. In our sessions, I work to gain a full understanding of each person’s feelings and experience in being with their partner. I help each of you better communicate your feelings and relational experience in new and constructive ways. I also work to illuminate how each person’s relational history shapes how we think, feel, and behave in our current relationship…and guide you to breaking the repeat cycle, leaving negative patterns behind.

The result? Each person gains a new perspective and deeper understanding of their partner.  With this shift, the potential for that long lost spark surfaces, often unexpectedly. Children benefit from healthy behaviors that are modeled for them and peace is restored in the home.

Individuals who feel understood, validated and respected in their relationship are in a position to learn and grow with their partners.  This leads to a deepened, more vitalized engagement with one another, enriched with curiosity, playfulness, and passion.

Illustration by Bianca Bagnarelli 

  Are you finding yourselves in the same fight over and over again?
–  Do you feel alone in the company of your partner?
  Do you struggle with sex and intimacy issues?
–  Are you having difficulty pinpointing what is wrong with your relationship?

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