Take a breath.

Therapists take on difficult, and at times, traumatic experiences each day with the people we are committed to help. Because the nature of our job is confidential, we cannot share too many specifics to unload all that we take on in any given therapy session. That can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression, especially for those who work in private practice.

And if we are burned out, what does that mean for our patients? That becomes a very serious question, one that can have ethical and legal ramifications.

You entered into this profession for a reason and I want help you preserve, honor and protect that choice. As a colleague, I understand your unique experiences, and this is where my work in relational analysis can be of benefit. Even if you do not work psychodynamically, I can help you understand the active, unconscious nature of transference and counter-transference, and equip you with the tools to detect when a patient’s issues can get subtly (and at times, quite powerfully) intertwined with your own.

I strive to establish a warm and safe space, just like you do for your patients, so you can focus on your whole self. Together we can navigate and strengthen your ability to rebalance, recharge, and reconnect to the healer within.

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