GLAAD’s Glossary of Terms –Helpful guide of terms we need to know, and summaries of best practices:

CISGENDER PRIVILEGE –One of the most difficult barriers to overcome is one’s own cisgender privilege. If you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth, here is a list of unearned benefits you get that many people do not. Read them and consider them. It’s not about shame. It’s about understanding:

POSITIVE IMAGES provides support and advocacy to Sonoma County’s LGBTQIA+ adults (particularly young adults), and educate the greater community. Support groups available for all ages:

THE TRANSFAMILY ALLIANCE – A support community & resource hub for parents raising transgender, non-binary, & gender expansive youth:

UCLA’s WILLIAMS INSTITUTE –They provide tremendous amount of current research in an easy to understand format:

? Downloadable infographics:

GENDER SPECTRUM’s mission is to create a gender-inclusive world for all children and youth. To accomplish this, they help families, organizations, and institutions increase understandings of gender and consider the implications that evolving views have for each of us:

Additional Resources:

TRANS STUDENT EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES (TSER) – Founded in 2011, it is the only national organization led by trans youth. Lots of free, downloadable resources:

? Downloadable infographics:

TREVOR PROJECT(866) 488-7386. 24/7 Support Counselors for LGBTQ youth, friends and families. Talk, text, instant message for help. Also, social networking and information.

TRANSLIFE provides a yearly Community Conference and Professional Symposium to “foster a vibrant, healthy, and responsive community of, for, and by our transgender/gender-nonconforming population, those who love them, and those who serve them. The outcome of these two events is strengthened social networks, deeper community engagement, and increased skills across all three of these groups.” (Santa Rosa):

THE LOS ANGELES GENDER CENTER provides an environment of support, understanding, and safety while helping people explore issues of gender and sexuality. LAGC specializes in gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ok sexuality, relationships, and intimacy. LAGC collaborates with their clients to embrace the challenges and to celebrate the richness of exploring the multiple facets of their lives:

TRANSGENDER ROADMAP – Information for trans people pursuing transition.

A GUIDE TO TRANSGENDER AND GENDER NONCONFORMING PEOPLE helps people of all gender identities and experiences practice more care toward those on the margins:


Parenting Your Transgender Teen: Positive Parenting Strategies for Raising Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Nonconforming Teens by Andrew Maxwell, LCSW

The Gender Identity Guide for Parents: Compassionate Advice to Help Your Child Be Their Most Authentic Self by Tavi Hawn LCSW

The Gender Quest Workbook: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults Exploring Gender Identity (Rylan Testa, PhD)

You and Your Gender Identity (Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC) Check out Dara’s website also:

Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family by Amy Ellis Nutt

Sorted: Growing Up, Coming Out, and Finding My Place by Jackson Bird

Helping Your Transgender Teen: A Guide For Parents (Irwin Krieger, LCSW)

Gender Born, Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender Nonconforming Children (Diane Ehrensaft, PhD)

Trans-Kin: A Guide For Family and Friends of Transgender People (Dr. Eleanor A. Hubbard)

• Zander Keig, LCSW has put together an extensive FTM book listCLICK HERE.


•  TEEN LINE is a confidential hotline for teenagers which operates every evening from 6:00pm to 10:00pm PST. If you have a problem or just want to talk with another teen who understands, then this is the right place for you! You can call them at 800-TLC-TEEN (852-8336), texting “TEEN” to 839863 or email: TEEN LINE also offers message boards, resources and additional information.

•  NO BULLY is a non-profit organization that trains schools how to activate student compassion to stop bullying and cyberbullying. The non-punitive No Bully System® has created bully-free campuses for over 100,000 students:

•  EDUTOPIA information page:

•  CYBER BULLYING: A Complete Resource Guide:


•  THE GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION OF LOS ANGELES (GPALA) seeks to advance training, research, education, consultation in group psychotherapy. They also have a “Find A Group” feature for the greater Los Angeles area:

•  THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY SOCIETY (NCGPS) is a dynamic interdisciplinary collective of clinicians who study and practice group therapy in Northern California: