The direction and focus of psychotherapy is different depending on the needs and presenting problems of each person. My task is to help individuals clarify and understand the unhealthy self-perceptions, internal conflicts, or what underlies the difficulty in relating to others.

I believe in building a strong therapeutic relationship and I provide a safe and dedicated space for you to express difficult or painful feelings that is necessary for psychological integration. Psychological integration is at the heart of healthy functioning: Where thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected, active, and function without conflict.

As painful, constricting moods and feelings such as depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, and fear diminish, and psychological integration increases, you will become stronger, more focused, and expansive. Self-confidence increases as you obtain the ability to develop and pursue personal goals and dreams. You may also have a greater capacity and choice to form quality friendships and intimate relationships, feeling a sense of renewed joy, purpose, and contentment in living.

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