Experiencing bullying first hand can cause difficult and confusing feelings…making you feel mad, embarrassed, anxious, and isolated. Therapy can help you notice, share, and put painful feelings into words, which left alone can cause big problems. Feeling bad towards yourself can affect your relationship with your friends and family members…leaving you to deal with bullying alone. You don’t have to face this alone. I am here to help you better understand how being bullied impacts your life, as well as teach you coping skills for moving forward, such as assertive communication and boundary-setting. Some people may benefit from support groups or group therapy, in which others who have similar experiences can support one another in healing. I can help connect you with these resources as we work together to find your unique solution.

People who bully others may also benefit from therapy, though they may be reluctant to acknowledge their bullying behavior openly. In therapy, bullies may begin to understand the impact their hurtful behavior has on others, explore reasons for why they bully, learn new skills for communicating positively with others, and address personal experiences that may have contributed to their bullying behavior. Bullies often have unresolved personal wounds that contribute to their bullying behavior. I can help address these emotional wounds. Exploring one’s identity and surrounding social issues can be an integral step towards stopping bullying behavior.

Need resources to help stop bullying? Check out this page of resources.